Calm Before The Storm – Tucker HD [Download + Lyrics]


Game on, I’m in Warrior mode
Clown to claim a crown that never was yours, Miss Columbia Code
Facts, on each track I spit crack, it’s lethal when I’m in the zone
Never did befriend a DJ to push my little song
But you wanna clash? I’m down, laid back, dapper down
Yet I still pick the pen up & knock a rapper down
Big head, fill that empty dome, don’t let Cassper down
Split the squares bruh, not a circle I can’t rap around
You aint even next up junior
Can’t dance with The Taxi, grab some heels, you need to step up junior
HD, that’s how you spell trouble
Try a triple threat singlehanded, your Ls double
Trailblazed a pathway before ya, dare to disrespect me I’ll destroy ya
I’ll make a brief-case of a lawyer
Much more to sit on the throne son
Prove us wrong, do just one song on your own, son,Come on, son
A war’s what you started, no escaping the wrath
Full-throttle, putting no breaks on the gas
Fully leave the bullies schooled, take them to class
Samuel Jackson, to these snakes in the grass
That new Benny Black on loop boy
Hop in the booth boy, SMASH was never Scoop on Scoop boy
Everybody know I’m a beast
If you’re as nice as you claim, then why’s your producer‘s sending me beats
Rep Rubaga, spit for Uganda
Either way you can get it, in the lingo of the Brits or Luganda
You said 2015 was your year junior
You’re still where you were in 2013 though, I hope you aware Junior
Was never cut from the same cloth that you wear Junior
Helped start it I’m willing to end your career
No goals, nor progression, FDC
Philosophy’s all possession, LVG
You can’t rap with the best boy
2 projects in, you got 5 songs!! try to show your elders respect boy
With Burn, the vets got me an award
What was your achievement? You held another artist’s award
Compared yourself to Drake & that was kinda stupid
I ain’t mad, the best part about it is you gotta prove it
It’s looking bad, really looking bad on surface
5 songs, 3 collabos, before you even write 10 verses
Now you on air lying
Your track record’s never been near mine, it’s receding, keeping up with your hairline
Said you left mixtapes in high school
Why would you lie fool, Must’ve forgot you was in my school
Derailed by a track with A Pass, he think he made it
Called like he didn’t mean what he said, that he was baited
I’m letting the ball roll
Tough talker soft on the downlow, you’re a violation of Girl Code.
Even if I was gagged, you couldn’t take me Code
Even an army won’t guarantee your safety code
Under 25? Dawg I was at Rouge? It hella got dirty
You didn’t even make the last 30
It’s a mismatch you & I
Only 4 reasons people know you, The Mith, The Mask plus Rru & I
Gotta know against who you ride boy, I’m not as surprised
Man I should make this track exclusive to Tribe
Oh now you don’t want it with me
Apologizing in private right after you was on tv publicly stunting with me
Sneakdiss disgusted me
Already know what’s coming with the bars, better have Kaweesi put me under custody
This the more the merrier mode
Didn’t enter the ring when you watched me shut down your area code
Junior, you was in the front-row cheering
As I oozed greatness, that’s only time you got so near it
Severe knows the truth b, you was right there where you should be
Blocking off all of my groupies
Damn, do you need a diaper
Funny you were blowing up my phone, pleading, begging me to get you on the cypher
Quit the drugs that you was on, a rapper everybody bodied on your songs?
Trust me this is just the calm before the storm
Nothing to prove, no need of my dick-rode
Any rapper in the 25-6 could zip Code.


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