DOWNLOAD: Banda (Panda Parody) – Blixxack

By Mubanza Haggai (@mubanza)

This jam will you have walking around Kampala like you just came from a meeting with Jennifer Musisi and you now have a stake in running the city, it’s a feel good track that is a parody of Desiigner’s Panda. Benny Black aka Blixxack serves it hot with a witty combination of the words. It’s an anthem.

DOWNLOAD: Banda (Panda Parody) – Blixxack

I got broads in Kampala
Ntinda, Bukoto to Banda
Kansanga, Kamwokya
Kyambogo and Kyaliwajala
Sizza man, I got an Angella
And you know she down in Nansana
Exes in Nsambya
Homies in Kyanja
Turnin up, Pana
Medicine, ganja
Konyagi, Waragi, Fanta
Imma be home in the summer
I roll with the scammers from Nasser
Smokin that sheesha at Casa
Strippers, kimansulo dancers
They Sway like they ain’t got the answers

I got broads in Kampala
Ntinda, Bukoto and Banda
Mulago, Gaba to Zana
Rubaga, Nateete, Nakawa
Balokole singin Hosana
Hustlers, scammers
In Bwaise selling anchors
Katwe engineers makin scanners
Bata shoes, sandals
UMEME, candles
Government, scandals
Sports bet, gamble
Safi, mango
Museveni, Kisanja
The anthem is Banda
I’m reppin UG, that’s Uganda


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