DOWNLOAD: Tumunonye – Navio

Navio has constantly reinvented himself not only as a rapper but as an artist. As a result we’ve seen him release material out of his comfort zone which is rap. Last year “Njogereza” was song that set the trend, raised the bar in all aspects that’s production and the visuals. This year the UG Hip-Hop Artist of the year winner is back to move the crowds with “Tumunonye“. This Paddy Man produced track is going to be a favourite for the kwanjulas. Listen to the track and be the judge for yourself.


DOWNLOAD: Tumunonye – Navio


23 Comments on DOWNLOAD: Tumunonye – Navio

  1. so did you change the style to baxx ragga? Navio this is what we want but too much of anything is……….?
    Anyway thank you brother we shall dance to the beat remember ffe tubaayo!

  2. Musically, the song will flop but this doesn’t mean that i want it too neither does it mean that i don’t like it. production wise, Paddy Man did agreat job (like he always does) and the beat was on point and the lyrics, well, they are not on point. these are not the lyrics Navio should be dropping. no offence but they sound more of an upcoming musician’s. So honestly, don’t reckon the song to dribble airwaves like ‘Njogereza’ did. i remain yours truly, Muks Steven. Twitter: and whatsapp: +256778215712

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