Papito, JB & Langman Discuss “Let It Rain”

By Byaruhanag Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Klear Kut is one of the UG hip-hop collectives that got hip-hop accepted and inspired a lot of acts who are rapping in UG today. Towards the end of 2014 they announced a release of their new album “bEast African” and in short clips shared by Navio while in Tanzania via his YouTube we could see him working with Papito on this particular single “Let It Rain” that they’re releasing on 5th March. I reached out to the Klear Kut generals especially those whom we haven’t heard from in minute to discuss their new single and  what we should expect on the we album.

QN: Papito, as a person who was heavily involved in the creation of these guys is there any back story on how the concept of the song developed?

Papito: OK so we were in the studio, and I was playing a bunch of beats and Navio went in and just dropped that chorus. The track is basically a warm up to the Klear Kut storm coming. The beat was made by a producer in Germany called Flavio aka BTB which stands for “Breath Taking Beats”

QN: Personally, would you say this track fully represents the level at which Klear Kut is at right now?

Langman: My view of Klear Kut is very panoramic. From inception I was always congnizant of how the different elements of Klear Kut form compounds, whether it’s just 2 of us on a track or all of us 5. This track is just one aspect of those permutations and this is what makes Klear Kut so unique. Ugandan hip hop, I feel, still hasn’t produced a clique where the rappers complement each other so well, despite being from different “tribes” of hip hop (by this i mean you might have the underground rapper, the superstar rapper, the political rapper, the hustler type, the ladies’ man etc. – these are just archetypes and not that i’m necessarily pinning them on guys in the group per se). My personal fave UG hip hop act of all time is “Sylvester & Abramz” but it’s just two of them and in terms of mentality they appear to come from the same general rapper “tribe”. Other great UG rappers seem to shine most on their own as a solo act. This song also shows that K-Squared has been consistent in terms of our personalities and this song is a cool appetizer for the album, which will show our ability to surf all manners of soundscapes. Klear Kut has always been about the sum being greater than the parts. The more interesting question is less what we were doing but who was actually doing it.

QN: We’ve seen Klear Kut break boundaries, set the standard for the industry, kick doors down to get UG hip-hop accepted where it wasn’t accepted before. What should we expect with this album?

JB: The same thing, breaking boundaries, setting the bar for not just for Ugandan hip hop but African, and kicking down . From the last Klear Kut project we were boys, now we’re men. We have been able to craft our talent and skills into hit makers. We’ve been known for our quality of sound and production, and it’s even better now. We have production from producers all around the world, Germany, Canada, US, TZ, and of course UG just to name a few. Our first single “Let It Rain” is crazy bar for bar, and that’s how this new project is. We’re very competitive when we get studio or on tracks together. We bring out the best in each other. People have gotten to listen to our solo projects for a couple years now, so with this KUT album your going to hear the best of all of us. This new Klear Kut movement has been years in the making, we have a lot  of stuff coming out and in development that its going to change the game. As for now get ready for the new single “Let It Rain”.

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  1. Glad to see and hear KlearKut again. It’s been awhile in the making. I was around when it was in the planning stage, and It is exactly what I knew it could be.. Dynamic! I’m so excited to hear this and can’t wait for the next single.. Great work guys…

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