2016 was an incredible year for UG hip-hop, from the diss tracks, projects released, and to the inaugural hip-hop awards ceremony. So we the team at The Tribe UG decided to countdown some of the hottest tracks that have graced our playlists this year. For the track to qualify to be on this list, it has to be a 2016 release, it has to be on original beats so any panda track released is out or even a fans favorite like Calm before the Storm by Tucker HD. Furthermore we considered radio spins and online buzz and so here are our hottest UG hip-hop tracks released in 2016, feel free to share your view in the comment section or even tweet us @TheTribe_UG.


Vuqa Cypher

If there’s anything that we picked from this project are the marketing efforts behind it. Sometimes even if the project is great and has an amazing cast, one has to push the envelope and do more. The project had a premier in all three major East African Countries which was a good look for Ugandan hip-hop and music in general. We’ve had cyphers done before in UG but this time it was no ordinary cypher. The cypher had a great A&R mind/experience of DJ Bush baby and Josh the Fixer who brought the project to life with the visuals. On the other hand the featured artists gave us verses that would be a topic of discussion. Download it here.




Bust a Shot – The Mith ft. Nutty Neithan

Mr. So UG has given a couple of dope singles last year in addition to other projects he’s featured on but “Bust a shot” is the one that had the magic this year from TMMG’s head honcho. This song brings out everyone’s best and versatility from Josh SB’s production to Nutty Neithan killing the hook and The Mith delivering the bars. The fusion of the dancehall and hip-hop worlds couldn’t get any better than this. Download it here.




Kalimagezi – Pryce Teeba ft. Ruyonga

Pryce Teeba has had a good year and run with his sophomore mixtape“Kambajulire”. The project was nominated for mixtape of the year which led to a moment at the awards and it also gave song of the year at the inaugural UG hip-hop awards. As an artist Pryce has given us a lot of content whether when he’s under the Dustville umbrella or NTM he still churns out a lot of material and this year it was Kalimagezi that made it to our list. The Baru produced track has a guest verse from Ruyonga who compliments the production and Pryce’s “Versace Versace” opening verse. Download it here.




Tukomyewo – St. Nellysade ft. Keko

When releasing projects one of the things that are considered is the “timing” and this project is a perfect example of that. This was released after the retirement comments from Keko. So, it was exciting for the fans and us the UG hip-hop world to see Keko come back on a track titled “Tukomyewo” implying she’s back alongside storyteller Nellysade. On the other hand Nellysade tackled a lot of issues like the Lugaflow army’s quietness and UG hip-hop being dead. The project is off Nellysade’s upcoming album which we are looking forward to. Download it here.




Mudaala – Aethan ft.­­ Tucker HD, JB & Keko

It’s the Aeth Way! Aethan gave us an amazing project in all aspects from the people who appeared on the track, the production and content. We all have those “Do You” moments and this track is just the perfect theme song for those moments in a hip-hop perspective. Aethan has given us a couple of singles where he features a number of acts, we hope they lead up to or materialize into a project like perhaps an album. Download it here.




Day Ones – Flex D’Paper ft. Navio & Martha Smallz

We’ve seen the Kampala boy Flex D’Paper’s career grow from just putting out music to him building a brand that speaks volumes without him putting out a lot of music or being on our screens. This growth has been evident from the moves he’s been making like the Ting Badi Maalo Re-Up with Khaligraph, his shows in Germany and also this single that features neighborhood Navio alongside Martha Smallz. Flex D’Paper has created his own lane in the industry while adding the commercial sound to his music while feeding and growing his fan base. We hope with all this growth. The rapaholix head honcho finally gives us an album. Download it here.




Billies – Malika (Agee & The Sphynx)

Who doesn’t like a good old Uganda government scandal turned into a punchline or even a structure for a song? This is what the two femcees from Malika delivered to us. Billies was a fans’ favorite from the online traction especially twitter to the downloads it got on our site. The ladies delivered unapologetic and provoking verses that to some extent exhibited their growth as rappers. We only ask them that they deliver more this year and Malika debut project finds its way from the studio onto our website and playlists. Download it here.




Nzokese E’Dab – Byg Ben

“Sukuya Namombe! Mbene!”
I don’t know if that’s right but that’s the only right way to open a Byg Ben passage. Byg Ben has been one of the most hardworking rappers this year. From dominating stages like Bayimba Festival to being on almost every radio/TV for an interview, Byg Ben has pushed the brand. He’s put on the Masaba land like never before. Back in the day we had GNL Zamba who made lugaflow cool for some people to consume it, this time Lugishu has Byg Ben for that. On a continental level we have Sarkodie whom we never understand but seem to vibe to his tracks and we as Uganda we have Byg Ben to push and support to that level bigger than that. We never understood what he said but we dabbed everytime this track was played. Download it here.




Hallelujah – 1Der JR ft. Andre

Earlier based in the UK, 1Der JR came back to Uganda and continued rapping as well as making music. Hallelujah was one of the songs he released in 2016 that went on to grab a UG Hip-Hop Award nod, 1Der JR features Andre as they inspire listeners not lose faith despite any hardships they they might face. It is difficult not to dance to the song and is definitely a playlist song. Download it here.




Gwe Guy (Baddest) -JK Lubanto

 2Bad Entertainment‘s JK Lubanto  released this in the last quarter of 2016, in true rapper stance he assures the listener how he is the ‘baddest’ and the delivery is on point. This jam is already creeping up on countdowns on various urban radio stations and could even go farther, with this kind of style JK Lubanto will surely force himself into the mainstream more and more. Download it here.

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