Young King Artwork & Release Date.

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

As Drake releases his artwork for “Views From the 6”, Baru is also blessing us with the cover art for his upcoming project title “Young King” that features a landscape of “Bugongi” a village where he grew up from. On describing the artwork Baru said “I collaborated with Kwi Era an illustrator and painter to come up with the concept of the art. He used one of my baby pictures to come up with the art. The tamed lion in the art  represents how  life is presented to us with challenges and struggles which in most cases appeared huge and scary compared to who we are. The artistic representation of  a lion that has been tamed by a Young Kid ( King) is meant to represent what I chose to be amidst the struggles, challenges and achievements that come with life and chasing dreams. One can only grow by challenging themselves and over coming struggles that life presents.”

In an earlier interview we had with Baru he described the title of the project “Young King” as a mindset that he carries and with this artwork he has brought the concept to life through the illustration. The project is slated to come out on 30th April.


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