01 POUND – Play01 [Lyrics + Download]

By Play01

Download: 01 Pound

And the masses trying to understand
why choose Play and yet there’s actually another man
Almost trying’ to make us fight over the name of the word play
I chose Play Cause I’m pretty much king of the word play
The other Play is dope as it is none of us tripping’
I came from the super cypher to being an actual villain
Beefing over the bull with these birds and half rap acts
The Ginsu do her thing but we know I can’t rap about that
I’m over it, so now I’m just spitting fire like dhalism
You wanna talk to Stonetown then dial him
While haters with daddy issues be starting shit
Somewhere between semen and cowgirl cause they pop a dick
I see them activists and they act as if we just act a fish
They act as if we active ish, we the acts with the active itch
I chose God I left odd I got cold
On the road to swinging my pole I had to light up my soul
There’s no acts just letters to the real man
I found myself loving sex over the romance
But sometimes to see we gotta go beyond what’s to please us
Like the short dude that climbed the tree just to see Jesus
They Sin and Choose the kill the  most high blunt in order just to bury their sorrows
I mean they sent the Jews to kill the most high blunt and order  just to bury him solo
I could quote the Koran to bust a gun
But this G had war to the core I rhyme a dime (ramadhan)
The cold flow on a roll like avalanche
Even Peter pan got hooked to being fly so he’d never land
Hide behind they avatar like they air bend
They been here but can’t keep up like hair pin
Everybody wanna blow up and shine the most
But the more power you get n you might become ghost
You gotta be a man dude,
Can’t have a lady taking you out like the girl with pink shoes
I work hard till I literally became an asset
But half of these acts want that Pro Bono you can’t have it
Watching as life drugs by like Narcos right
Then you deserve to lose your life like Leslie Niggards wife
You better call Saul, you breaking bad cause I blew up
Asking what I’m posting on my page, and you do what?
Y’all disappeared when I need you like Bilbo
Cause You Some fake mother-fuckers like a dildo
Can’t have my confidence going so low
Cause the rule of life is that you gotta ride solo, I’m ghost

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