Everybody body likes what they like, right? Well, we at The Tribe UG are all about hip hop and urban culture – Ugandan hip hop to be exact. For us, it is a way of life.

We were drawn to hip hop by the message in the music. The stories told, whether about popping bottles or struggling to make it to the top are so relatable. Not to mention the insane beats, the emotion, the poetry and rhyming skills that completed the package. Urban culture? Our fascination with that just sort of came along.

Uganda has tonnes of amazing and talented MCs. There are some whack ones too, but the good ones are more (believe us). It is really hard to wrap our heads around the fact that so much of our awesome music and creativity remains with us.

Fast forward to 2013, where in a boring lecture somewhere in Kampala The Tribe UG was created. The Tribe UG is an online marketing company that has developed an online website that delivers new Ugandan hip hop (urban) music, videos and music content. From our humble beginnings we have evolved to be the one of biggest voices of hip hop music and the urban culture in Uganda. We do not want to brag but, we were even nominated in the best entertainment site category in the 2015 and 2016 Uganda Social Media Awards.

We could go on and on about our story but quite simply, all we want to make sure that Ugandan artists are recognized and appreciated and that their music is on replay on everybody’s playlist.