Afro Pop Music – Deuces Entertainment Group Partnership.

By Mubanza Haggai. (@mubanza)

Deuces Entertainment Group, the home to Atlas Da African and Lillian Mbabazi continues making major moves with the music industry to push East African music to greater heights.

Afro Music Pop- Nigeria Managing Director Kolade Ajayi visited Uganda to finalize discussions with Deuces Entertainment Group CEO Kaires “K” Odom on Pan African music integration and the launching of Afro Pop Music – East Africa.  While Nigerian music is currently the dominant force in the African entertainment industry both music moguls agree that there needs to be representation and exposure for all African artists especially with an emphasis on East Africa.  If the deal is signed off by the Portuguese music channel, Afro Music Pop will deploy a presence in East Africa for Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania with its head regional office in Kampala, Uganda and will broadcasting in over 65 nations in Africa, Europe, UAE, Qatar, and Malaysia on DSTV, GoTV, and QTEL.

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