EXCLUSIVE: Baru X Delboy Present The New Wave.

Over the years, Baru has given us exceptional projects and grown as a producer with every project he has put out. Since last year, he has been teasing a project he has been working on with Delboy. At the start of this new year we got more information in regards to their project titled “The New wave”. The New Wave is a joint collaboration between Baru and Delboy. They’ve collaborated before on tracks such “Ask the Doorman” which appeared on Baru’s Young King EP and a single titled “Moses”. Furthermore we’ve seen Delboy do appearances on projects such as Pryce Teeba’s “Kampala rmx”. All projects they’ve worked on together have been something different from what Baru has executive produced which raises our curiosity and interest in “The New Wave” project.

The New Wave has a cover art of Baru & Delboy playing against each other in a game of chess. “The chess game represents the friendly competition that is involved between Delboy and I that facilitates production of an edge cutting quality product.” Baru described the cover. He further added  “the liquor  represents some level of induced intoxication that helps sometime create the vibe.” According to Baru The New wave will be into 5 chapters that will be running for a period of ten months. Each chapter will have 3 songs with bonus releases in the chapters. The first chapter comes out in March and we can’t wait what these two have been up to.

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