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Time check 6AM in Nairobi 
Still in the smoke zone with bad galz in the lobby
Got two gals on they knees that are ready to blow me
While my gal In kla city texting me that she lonely ..Oooh
Montana thoughts like as though am Tonny (refers to Tonny Montana attitude)
Planning to cash checks from these dudes that owe me (Tonny Montana attitude that involves collecting what he believes is his regardless of the means used)

Squad ball hard, so they treat us like Kobe (“balling’’ spending so he talks about Kobe Bryant a basketballer to seal the punch line)
Keeping the circle small we not dealing with fonnys .. Noo 
Am just being precise
On the 19th floor at the best restaurants 
And order foods with names that we can’t pronounce (this happens to a person trying out a new life that is usually for the rich and famous like dining in first class places or high end hotels and menus have names one can’t pronounce)
Then head back to bad broads that we left at the house .. Ouch 
This is Ether with a twist of Takeover (Ether is a Hip Hop diss track to Jay z by Nas and Take over is by Jay Z as a diss track to Nas)
Dust to dust with a bit of composure  (Dust to Dust is a beef track done by Casper Nyovest as a reply to AKA’s diss track to him composure, these two are leading artists in South Africa, many Hip Hop heads believe these two are some of the hardest beef songs to date in Hip Hop, so flex believes his flow is a mixture of both beefs combined)

Location kempiski villa rosa (Kempinski  is a high end 5 star hotel in Nairobi,Kenya that even American president Obama stayed when he visited Kenya) 
So bring it on, we strapped I got soldiers (Given that Flex is affiliated to Battalion, a group that joins Navcorp by Navio, TMMG by the Mith and Rapaholix by Flex D’Paper, he believes they ready for anything, together with the battalion soldiers.)
The homey Aeth got me like my uncle Phil

Still, the fresh prince, I got the Will (Here he talks about Aethan, who he refers to as Aeth, his long time producer and friend, saying he got his back like Uncle Phil a character from the tv show FRESH PRINCE of Bel-Air that Will Smith acted as the Prince . And so because Flex calls himself the Fresh Prince of Kla City as well)
To Eat up the competition like am having a Meal

So Fellow rappers telling me That wasn’t part of the deal (Flex talks about rappers that keep thinking he is doing soft music and now when he goes hard and earns some of there spots(eating the competition) they are not pleased with that. )
They tell u lies I bring u facts 

I had to expose them mc Kats (Xpozed was a top tv show in Uganda hosted by celebrity Mc, Kats)
Am in the cut VIP am cooling with Madtraxx 
He told me am a leader so I gotta to play my part (Flex refers to Kenyan top artist Madtraxx that he met in Kenya and claims told him his a Leader, given that also Flex has a song called Leader in which he claims to be the Leader of the New Skool in Ugandan Hip Hop and so the part he has to play is to show a way forward to younger rappers)
First position while I see them coming last
Winners circle With Cleo at skylux (While in Nairobi, together with Battalion, Flex performed at Skylux a high end club in Nairobi Westlands area that is managed by celebrity movie actress and radio personality Cleopatra, reason he mentions Cleo.)

The Mith told me young homey relax
If u talk about the cash u might get us taxed  (The Mith is a Hip hop legend in Ugandan Hip Hop and one of the mentors to Flex according to many interviews he has done. he brags about the Mith telling him not to talk about the money and spending they doing out in Nairobi because they may get taxed since its too much spending.)

I Got Navio on the cell, like nigga just Come through
The sankara top floor we cooling with bamboo
Talking about rap and we making boss moves
Surrounded by the best, my nigga I can’t lose (Navio is another legend and a mentor to Flex as well, he talks about Navio calling him to The Sankara’s top floor a high end hotel in Nairobi as well and while here they are cooling/ chilling with Kenyan rap legend Bamboo and even talks about how he can’t lose when dealing with the winners circle, the battalion   as well as Bamboo.)
Was getting booed am now paid for  Verses
Skooling these dudes am now paid for classes
Got lose screws I burn mics to ashes
Its fire in the booth Charlie sloth would love this (perfect)
I said its fire in the booth Charlie Sloth would love it  (perfect)
(a person that is psycho is capable of burning down a place in reality so Flex claims to be psycho when it comes to music so his flow burns miss and sets fire to the booth, and even refers to BBC Radio personality Charlie Sloth of the BBC 1 extra show “Fire In the Booth’’ . He goes on to sample the Charlie voice that says “perfect” that Charlie plays whenever an artist in his booth is spitting fire or going hard.

We don’t do that backpack rap fam

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  1. Flex Dpaper went deep on this one i swear hopefully his gal won’t walk outta door having got this track ….big up Flex

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