DOWNLOAD: 256 (poem) – Wake the Poet

Rapper Wake doubles as a poet as well from the group Potter’s Clay and a part Ruyonga‘s Hidden Empire as well, he delivers gems of well worded lines about the beautiful Uganda in this poem.

DOWNLOAD:  256 (poem) – Wake the Poet



When I take the lead off my pen,

 Do not expect me to shut my beak

 I may not be nice but I surely stay clear when I speak

 And speaking of speak,

Most of these youths still have a whole life to discover

Regardless what John Speke, spoke

So please stop

 And let’s make some checks, like a Police stop

See, first off all, there’s no place like that 256!

We are a base of divergent cultures

With a space enough for each to partake and taste of the mix.

Man there’s no place like the 256

On the face of the planet,

We are blessed with the finest climate,

That is best for the primates

And yes, the world is taking pics

‘Cause there is no place like the 256.

 They call us the Pearl of Africa,

 Where the colors are black yellow red but the trees stay green

Where else can you find this

But in the 256

So forget what the outside thinks.

See they pick on a few things

To say that the inside of my Africa

My 25 stinks.

But they ain’t on the inside

So they miss some insights and of these I speak.

Yes we have problems,

Well every country does.

 And the outside only conceals their own troubles

By over exaggerating ours.

They make bad reports about us

So they can have us, repeat the class.

So they can have us

Believe in what’s theirs and hate on ours

When we think of, class

So they can have the right to look down on us

‘Cause they believe we are from a less privileged class.


They want to talk to us about class?

Have they ever,

Thought of the fact that

They could belong to a whole different school of thought from us?

Before trying to program us

Into becoming their autobots like optimus

While they masquerade behind the claim to transform us?

Globalisation is good

But at what price?

They should recognize

That what is nice

To them could be a vise

To us and respect us when we dont take their advice

Now to you my people,

Wake up.!!!

Can’t you see?

That your mind holds the power to make or break UG

That the only way you can be free

is by setting free

the very way you think

I mean,

this is supposed to be

easy as ABC

but they usually won’t tell you this in SST, HSC or at LDC .

Consider yourself lucky

if you got beaten by your parents to do what’s right

‘Cause nowadays,

 society justifies so many wrongs under the excuse of human rights

They bring darkness, confused as light.

And you can hardly smell the rat ’cause their fumes is right

The same system my man trusted, consumed his life

We are too blind to who we are to see that our future is bright

So we would rather hold onto foreign gifts and presents.

Majority of our population are the youth,

that’s by the stats given

and if we exploit this opportunity

then our national prayers can become thanksgiving.

But if the roads are bad,

how can the youth be self driven?

And the cost of a parliamentary seat has just risen,

So every member of parliament is

either looking to break the people

or break even

So trust me,

they are better off sleeping.

They keep sleeping on the truth when we let them lie

like dogs. They bark a lot during campaigns

but they seldom bite.

In my country

We like to boast about our hospitality,

yet little has been done about child mortality

or maternal mortality

‘Cause our hospitals are but a shadow of our hospitality.

Huh,  the tragedy.

There is no place like the 256

and yes we have problems

So I don’t blame you for chasing a green card

to go to the states

‘Cause your home is messed

But even those in the states will tell you,

East or west?

Home is best, home is blessed.

We need you

We need you to properly spell, Uganda

Without you it’s just,

Uganda and propaganda

We need you cause it all starts with you in Uganda.

You are the light,

you are the future

Now if you desert your country for another

then you become a traitor

There is no place like the 256

And I know we have problems,

Running away is never the solution

I believe, with our minds combined,

our problems are bound to die

 if we plan the execution.


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