DOWNLOAD: All The Way Up – JB (KUTMix)


DOWNLOAD: All The Way Up  – JB (KUTMix)

When it comes to this rap shit/
I’m the nicest/
2016 I’m bout to Blow up like ISIS/
Nigga I’m the truth/
And I ain’t got to lie about it
Got the whole squad with me And they ride or die about it/
life’s a bitch/
but she still love me though/
Went and bagged your chick/
and had a threesome in the studio/
Now that’s a hit/
Your girl was a hit/
We made a couple tracks now your girl on my dick/
I’m bout to turn this beat into a corpse nigga/
I’m bout to send these rappers to the morgue nigga/
I go 0 to 100 quicker than your favorite rapper drunk off hard liquor/
Nigga my bars sicka/
Oh Lord Oh Lord people pray for him/
Damn Klear Kut made it rain on em/
Critical individual i bring pain on em/
Flyest nigga in the city nigga put the cape on em/
Fuck being on that chill shit/
I murder raps nigga i be on that kill shit/
Baby powder slaps i be on that pimp shit/
Bitch where my money i need that with the quickest/
All my niggas on the real shit/
I got a squad of DMX’s/
Fuck with us we get reckless/
Walk up in the booth and leave everything breathless/
Nigga I be balling Jerry Stackhouse/
When it comes to the clubs we bring them stacks out/
When it comes to your girl I break that back out/
Flow so dope i should’ve wrote this in the trap house.

DOWNLOAD: All The Way Up  – JB (KUTMix)

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