DOWNLOAD: Boo’D Up (#MrSoUGMIX) – Ella Mai ft. The Mith


‎You have me feeling things that I ain’t used to/
And it’s the best, but// it’s unusual-
I go through life not worried about a soul,
‘less it’s family or friends, or doubling on my ends/
’till that money fails to fold-
I hope/ this from the gods/
‎Coz I’m done dealing with all these fucking frauds,
You know the type,
They’re there when the money’s high,
But whenever it goes low,
They’ll never be by your side,
They never were Ride Or Die/ I
I’m just looking for my puzzle pieces,
Type of girl who’ll be by my side like she was an Artist featured,
—Come to my defence/
Give my siblings nephews and nieces/
And you’re the type,
We go line4line, you handle bars like a motorbike,
You body nice
Late night, I get on my knees like I was thanking Chirst…
You deserve it all, Baby,
Yeah you deserve it all/
They can’t fuck with you Baby,
No, not at all/
Not on their best day,
You muy caliente,
Hustle for sente,
They try to rob, we let the lead spray/
This is why I fuck witchu,
My niggas calling, say it’s a Win/
So now I’m comfortable-
Shit, now I’m trusting you, with more than my life,
Safe to say that I’m stuck withcu…


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