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Yeah, it’s The Taxi
You already know what it is..
Rwizi what up? Uh..

With a Bic and paper
I assist a hater, help you meet your maker
Sipping UG but I sniff Jamaica, while I’m chilling listening to Fik Fameica
Know your stock’s worth, before it gets better, man it’s probably gonna get a lot worse
I don’t listen to the competition, they’re some Kale Kayihura’s, they ain’t got work
I’m the reason y’all feel enthused
Every season, still the skill ensues
I should pick & choose if I should win or loose
Artists still exhibiting Beginner moves
Lots of sauce, I got that winner juice
Might proceed to give the sinners jewels
Check my track record, say they’re real nice, but when they step to me, they’re like Bettinah’s shoes
Gives me chills, oh defeat is at your heels the very minute we go toe to toe
Reign over all, need a feature? I’m the pro to call, but gotta follow protocol
Y’all hardly ball, I’m like the guard of y’all, um you could call me pep
Went from going hungry, prayed for daily bread, just had my last supper at the Holy Crepe
Man it’s ducking I suggest you do, I don’t do it like the rest would do
Got a EP & my debut album, yes it’s due, I’m dropping off the residue
Still the metaphors and the flows so many
5-0’d for foes, never foresaw any
Talking tombstones, chalk and yellow tape before I snatch your wig like I’m Nambooze Betty
Swear I’m feeling like I’m old flame while I’m penning me a 32
I’m outchea searching for a Spice Girl that ain’t a 10 but tell me she’s a 32
Keep it 100, help her self-esteem
Was never selfish, got myself a team
All I ever did myself was dream
Now I got these rappers playing catch up and I love it
On record, everytime I get on the beat and go off like Douglas
With a blindfold
From the Commonwealth, where that talk is cheap but I’m Cheptegei, that’s a Nile Gold
Keep your props, it ain’t changing the outcome
You were taking selfies, I was making an album
It’s the season, drop that soon G, ettaka ddungi
Can’t F with Tucker, Vroom G, work mungi


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