DOWNLOAD: For You [E.P]- Lagum

Undoubtedly Lagum has been one of the hardworking rappers this year with 2 mixtapes, an E.P and a third mixtape dropping this month on the 20th. Today he released a 4 track E.P titled “For You” where he talks about various subjects of society like sexual assault among women, the state of the Nation Uganda and family. Like most of Lagum projects we’re introduced to new talentsĀ  that he features and on this one we get to hear Simeon & YOBO. In our chat with Lagum about the project we found out interesting fact that this E.P is that it was all done today from scratch and released. Let’s dive into this E.P as we wait on the mixtape and feel free to let us know of what you think about this E.P.

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