DOWNLOAD: Everything Play 01 ft. Sonny & The-Mith


By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

One of the projects I was anticipating this year was  this gentleman’s album but unfortunately the 3rd World King Play, wasn’t able to release it but none the less he has given us this incredible project that features the amazing sonny and Mr. So UG The-Mith. Play says the song came about as a result of trying to find a new sound for himself and experimenting with a new sound.

Everything is a cross breed of the current hip-hop sound spiced up with a little oldschool sample but more soulful. In line with “new school x old school” sound Play 01 gets one of the UG hip-hop pioneers (old school) The-Mith to spit a couple of bars. On an unrelated note you know your cakes are a “fire mixtape” (read good)  if there’s a rap line about them (hello Cleo). On the other hand you’ve Sonny with her vocal powers making the song something different all together.

I’m still waiting on  Play01’s debut album cause I do believe he’s one of the multi-talented rappers we’ve and I have managed to crush one of his studio sessions so I know what he can bring to the industry that’s a little bit different from what we already have.  From making beats to directing videos Play does it all which is an added advantage to his career and makes me look forward to any project he drops or gets featured on.

Download Everything Play 01 ft. Sonny & The Mith


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