DOWNLOAD: Flashback Friday – Play01

Play01 is one of the rappers that have made impact through their music and features this year. ​A few days he announced that his “Jinja Bred” EP is done and as we wait on it he has given us a compilation of his past songs titled “Flashback Friday”. Play01 looks at this as a chance to share with listeners what he was before as a rapper before his upcoming projects are released.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to find my place in hip-hop, trying to fit in. But one year ago, as I was summing up the “A.U.R.A” album, I sat and listened through my older unreleased music and realized that I sounded different,content wise, subject matter and musically.” Play01 tells the story behind the “Flashback Friday” compilation.

Play01 uses this project to inspire other rappers who are trying to find themselves while trying to be different from a pool of many rappers. “So I reset myself to make “Jinja bred” as a foundation for the A.U.R.A and that it would be based off of the older sound and what I had grown to know as the real “Play01.” Meaning I would be honest to myself and only tell the story I knew and felt Was my perspective of life instead of filling my verses with random punchlines that any other rapper in my lane would came up with.” Play01 added.

DOWNLOAD: Flashback Friday – Play01


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