The multi-talented producer Josh SB has finally given us a green light to release his debut EP online for FREE. Over the past two years Josh SB has been working on his debut EP that features artist such as Ruyonga, Mo roots, Sandra Suubi, Ginsu, Kamanzi among others. The God DNA EP shows Josh SB’s versatility and growth as an artist.

“God DNA is my self-expression and personal account of my walk with God.” Josh SB explains the project. “With music and artistry as my greatest tool, the end goal is to have a blue print of what it means to be a son of God by the time you’re done listening to all the six tracks.” Josh SB added. The EP features songs such as ALWAYS, God DNA that have already been play-listed on radio/TV and as well as nominated in various music awards.

The EP fuses a lot, from hip-hop to an Afro Pop sound with a Josh SB signature futuristic ┬átouch. As he created the Ep, Josh SB’s vision grew much bigger that just online releases for music which partly explains why the EP took long to be finished. “This time around I have been more ready than ever before as a song writer and producer of the whole project.” Josh SB told The Tribe UG.



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