DOWNLOAD: I’m So UG (Interlude) – The Mith

Father forgive these fools
They want that war but can not even shoot
They wanna ball but they’re like midgets too
Me I score, really doe, like Messi would do
And I am sure against y’all I never would lose
So they can keep the hate
I’m out to build and I ain’t talking about no real estate
I’m out for Mills and I ain’t talking about no dinner dates
I’m out for more, I’m oliver twist/
I want it all, you niggas are really late
I’m UG and that’s minus the beverage
I’m Top tier, without no fucking leverage
I’m shield, I’m spear/
I’m skilled, I’m rare/
You’ve got to blame my hometown, for the skills I bear/
Raised with the right Models I could look to,
So I  became the Man, maybe I could write a book or 2/
Show these young’ns how to move,
In a room with crooked dudes,
Victory’s what I wish for you,
But let’s not get this shit confused/
I am the 1/ speaking facts only
Every album is a gem/ speaking facts only
Every verse is a 10,
I am god with the pen,
So if you coming at me then/ speak your facts only
It’s all real, nothing made up here/
My squad is gon’ kill, you should face y’all fears/
Award Season all day, so we Suit Up here/
Black, Yellow, Red on, get the troupes out here…


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