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Man I grew up sitting in the back, back bencher with the bad boys
thought that it would open the gate like a house boy
But damn boy it didn’t really matter what I’d puff or I’d try to act notorious I’d never be a bad boy
But now I’m sitted at the front prone reckless
flow smell like heaven I told you that flow was heaven sent
But so effort less for the hell of it
Ask Allen we prepared to school lil niggaz like Pruedusave
Philosophically I’m Plato, I don’t play those
Kids games, you bae tho I’ll take her to barbeidos
But yall niggaz need tge chaos That’s why I keep my cool
Cause if I snap then half of you niggaz gone like thanos
Married to the game cause I’m the best man
Let’s be frank, she luh me cause its Gods plan
ask what my networth, I’m trying to stack cheese, chase bread, screw beef I’m on that my food network
So check me out like burberry you know the nigga clean
Ask gabs we need more waragi even the liqour clean
my niggaz carry macs and canons ready to shoot, cut, release a full clip, yeah its clear we about to make a scene
Check with the boss, you know that your niggaz lost
they always doubt me ofcourse
Even made me battle their boss
UMEME I’ll cut you niggaz off
I’m like Dennis Assimwe cause musically speaking I’m writing you niggaz off
Honestly it’s like a gay set with you niggaz on
We can see you screwing this shit up and yet a nigga soft
why are you gay, every body see
That we all about chics like KFC
Until you see the musoga on BBS
Cause I know the way of the street like a GPS
So about money here’s what you gon do
I need 2 pieces and a stack of chips cause I’m street wise 2
We going ham like it’s pork
when i See them chics start beef over bull just to prove who the goat
I’m in the corner arm folded they know who do the most
It ain’t a powerful top 50 without dude who can ghost
At the least I’m a hero
Leave em in dust like the uber driver that dropped niggaz in kulambiro
It ain’t safe close to me unless you cross across the border
Cause you know I handle bars like riders on safe bodas
Fat boy keep telling y’all be careful with these women
A feminist screw you mind up, while others just screw your cash up(Cashapp)
Before they face books they rather face phones
And that face book apple have you eye women that eye phones
Can’t even make safe bet, who you trynna save next
Now they got screenshots nigga cant even safe text,
First they wanna know what’s in your safe before they have sex, you can see that’s their definition of safe sex
And that’s why black men don’t cheat
So please preach the word that’s word to the mith
In 2016
While you ask who’s hot who’s not
I tell em who rocks, he be killin these flows
The kid with killer switch flip on all fours
They be sure they don’t want me on collabos no more


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