DOWNLOAD: Malika – The Sphynx, Agee & The Ginsu (Malika)

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

In my chat with The Sphynx (read the interview here), I asked her whether UG femcees are in their rightful position in regards to Ugandan hip-hop and her response was simply “No” but she added it’s about to change real quick cause they’re working at it. Personally I believe they’re starting to achieve it if I’m to go by their latest release.
“Malika” which translates to Queen is the first release of their upcoming EP and also their introduction to the Ugandan hip-hop audience as group called “Malika”.As a group all the femcees bring something different to the beat which gives each of them a presence on the track as they put their message across.

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DOWNLOAD: Malika – The Sphynx, Agee & The Ginsu (Malika)


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