DOWNLOAD: Man’s Not Hot UG ALLSTARS – Enygma, Mr. Skillz, So Severe, Pryce, Patrobas, CODE & KasBaby

Download Man's Not Hot UG ALLSTARS (6MB)


Four plus four is eight, the bars I kill you with, quick deaths/
Bars coming out of my mouth been bullets, ever since Commandos/ (Ratatta…)
I smoke y’all on your own joints, but I’ll give you YouTube views/
Get on your knees in church and pray, before the pew pew pews/ (you dun know)
Skidi beep pop pop, got the Gs on Lock so spell out the name/
If you tryna bring heat, gonna get your face beat until Mona Faces blamed/
No sweat for my brain cells, but like Kadaga you sell your brains/
In case you forgot, yo, Man’s Not Hot but my verses always flames!

Mr. Skillz

They Say Mans Not Hot/
Nah Mans Got skillz so your mans Mans best Stop/
Put my name in your Verse you’ll end up in the News Coz your mans gets Got/
Got a Squad full of cranes and my boy with a mask he walks with a ting/
It’s the inner Circle you need a CODE with A PASS just to “ENTER THE RING”/
Not Jay Z but i got 4 bros with 44s/
When we in the building my advise is hit the floor/
So they say that you run tings but your mans not real/
In the 256 i’m the boss out here coz mans got Skillz/

So Severe

I get it in though
Hit the floor, like yo, girls who’s bending?/
Never been this hungry, in my life before,
So it’s gonna be a rude-ending/
I told her, your guy’s the type of Rolex guy to say the pans not hot/
Pick me – I’m like libolo’s chaii, you know? mans not hot/
You know, I’m a boss yah,
mushaa taryoosya
I’m reason the ting go, reason the ting went/
Reason the ting blow/ reason the ting wet/
Who that on the ph

Pryce Teeba

PryceTeeba Yenze Coach,
Oli Nile River Yenze Source
Bano Bano Bali Mu Mboozi,
Mulina Ketchup si Sauce
Sibonga Nabo Nina Reason,
Bantya Nga Buju Banton
Bagala Mbe Nze Mu prison,
Mbakuba nze Bars Action
Flow Womaniser
Ekuba buli dancer
Murder Murder buli beat
Toyala Jada kiss
Nsalako alulleta toluleta Ku Iddi Amin
6feet Deep Killer, UnderTaker
Nteka Rapper Jalina okuba Bwekirina Okuba
Ani gwolaba kati ansinga?
Badman kiriza Aba Badman
Raa ta ta ta Man Down


Look I’m certainly hot man believes in my sauce/
I tell a girl see man’s been hot not hot that’s for them man I be a force/
I’m back again tell me who’s running tings/
Just tell a friend to tell a friend I be gunning kings/
Mr Ville here the only one that’s real here/
Not to blow my trumpet I’m the one they really feel here/
Ask ur girl yeah she’ll tell u he ain’t lied there/
Am sorry for the arrogance darling but this is light here


I’ve Been
A Menace Before Denis
Bar Benders known to handle The Bi’ness
Raise That, Never Down with the Gimmicks
Plus I Don’t Know
The Definition, What a Limit is
Try Stop Me? Know What Your Limit Is
You don’t wanna see The Boy get Belligerent
And I Never been Religious with the Dividends
But I always been Meticulous when Lyrics Spin
Well, The Beast Is Back
Pull a Pin, Hold That
Get Your Knees Blown Back
Pull Up In, All Black
Tinted Windows, That
Limousine, No Doubt
Filipino Cap
And The Timbs, Unwrapped
And the Jacket, Match
And The Verse On Crack
And The Flows Adapt
And The Lingo’s Stacked
Only Spit Known Facts
CROWN Boy to Big Shaq
And The Ting Goes
And The Ting Goes

Download Man's Not Hot UG ALLSTARS (6MB)

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