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I blast verbs, it was Jan you last heard of him/
I’m back, spittin’ at Yego, the Masked Murderer/
I’m like Arya Stark brandishing a Kalashnikov/
Because I kill it with my mask or if this mask is off!

A person said, have you found your purpose yet?/
Purpose yet, have you found your purpose yet?/
Rep the set, I gotta represent/
Chasing cheques, never chasing sex/
Mask on, but I’m not a mascot (mask god)/
Mask on, fuck it, mask off/
A person said, have you found your purpose yet?/
Chasing cheques, never chasing sex.

I’m like the greatest, you other suckers don’t motivate us/
Home invaders deal with harder bars than yours, that’s why you hate us/
I’m like Darth Vader, my voice as deep as rhymes on my papers/
I’m dressed in black, and with a mask to block out all the haters/
My mind is deadly, capable of choking Vinnie Paz/
Your mind is numb when higher than skyscraper helipads/
But me, I’m flyer than Marty, let’s get Back to the Future/
Don’t need a mask on to shoot you, I kill with features/
My skills are perfect set, in the first, second or third percent/
I deserve respect cos I stay on point like a perky breast/
You’re a nervous wreck if you pop a molly or percecet/
I’m winning accidentally, ain’t started to win on purpose yet!


You can’t go against your God, so sit down and be humble/
You can’t try your hand at rugby if you always fumble/
You can’t be a ballerina if you always stumble/
And you can’t call yourself a rapper if you always mumble!/
Didn’t really need a co-sign! Didn’t make my brand on the back of beef, like a bovine/
If you diggin’ me you gon’ find, I got 24 carat bars, I’m a goldmine/
Packing punches into more lines, traumatise my enemies with my mind, this is Saw 9/
Teen94 grind, rep UG’s Golden Era one more time/
And the gold is mine, got the dopest rhymes ever heard in the 256/
I would never push drugs, if you wanna get a buzz then my lines are the true high fix/
My style like a breath of air, so fresh and I didn’t even chew my Vicks/
In the booth I spits, this new live mix, while sitting with a few fly chicks/
These ain’t wild thots, they be virgins, so take away your perversions/
I stay on track no diversions, the wack will die on this version/
They say their rap music’s dope, but it’s a trap don’t encourage em/
Coz many Lil Young trappers, don’t make the cut like a surgeon/
I’m killin’ with bars, not at the party though/
I don’t run with Cardi B on tracks I’m reppin cardio/
I’m Jase on Friday 13th, Mike Myers on Halloween/
If you’re the goat, I’ll wear my mask then slaughter you on Eid!


Download Mask On (3MB)


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