DOWNLOAD: Nuevo (Mixtape) – Lagum

 Lagum says,” ‘Nuevo’ is a spanish word meaning ‘new’ and my inspiration for this project has been mainly about new beginnings. It’s about coming from a situation that could have hurt you for the rest of your life but you choose to move on and not let that stop you from living life to the fullest and creating art from the heart.

Lagum has given himself time to grow as an artist since releasing his ‘Social Lives’ album in 2015 that won him a lot of new fans, he features some guns on ‘Nuevo’ to masterfully execute the project  like Martha Smallz, Nyara, Matt Ngesa, P.R.I.M.E., Is Haq, Tucker HD, Ruyonga, Roman, Karama, Gloria. You can peep the track-list below and download the mixtape here. (111 MBS)




DOWNLOAD: Nuevo (Mixtape) – Lagum

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