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Album dropped it’s been real quiet since
Only one Simba, rest of y’all be some lyin kings
Every verse I’m touchin golden, it’s the Midas ting
Still kill with hooks, so I can sing or decide to swing
With the punches I’m Muhammad in his prime
If you ain’t paying homage it’s a crime
See, I can’t even stomach what you chime
I got feedback for ni**as, yeah, I vomit when they rhyme
I raised the bar like it’s my favorite son
Had to prove myself to y’all, that phase is done
I ain’t runnin after props, see that chase is dumb
I’m only after money. Chains on, slave to none
Mastermind, went to school, graduated
Mastermind, every move calculated
Had to grind, learned to master rhymes
Finally got the craft refined, now I’m in the booth dominating
Told em all I’m on top of the totem pole
Toe to toe, I handed foes defeat until they sold they soul
Shots were served for all, no proper doctor could sew the holes
I got no control when it comes to the dopest quotables
I can count ni**as on my level with one hand
The rest? No shine, like they fearin a sun tan
I seen your favorites rapper turn to fans and some Stans
But they ain’t worthy of kissin the ground where son stand
I’m rappin with the kind of hunger I had back at Yego
When I was sleepin on the floor like it was some sort of ghetto
Thank God Olee Branch was there, made me some tea in that kettle
Brick by brick, buildin a legacy while dudes were building legos
Too many toy stories…
Rappers talkin corny
Buildin castles in the clouds, but we know it’s so stormy
Better check the weather pattern coz your reign fallin
Meanwhile, I’m cold off the top like ma brain frozen
The frees…hot…Temperature is varying, right?
My peers lookin up to me like I ain’t fair in height
I drop a verse, they get scared and hide
I battle in broad day light, I’m a daring knight
That’s supernatural selection
Born sick to a virgin, ill-maculate conception
Who’s still talkin ’bout goin hard as an erection?
Phonies running out of bars, we can’t establish a connection
Ill with it, homey deal with it
Chill, I could still do this in my sleep coz the skill Wicked!
In fact I should be singing defying gravity
Coz nobody defining me, umma be as fly as I can be
I’m standin on a balcony, nobody can kill the dream
This is braille music, so even the blind can feel the theme
This for Guudfellas, shout out to the illest team
Tell these other squares they won’t shine, this ain’t Billy Jeans
Set of different schemes for every track I’m unpredictable
Cats are stuck in the past, askin what would Pac and Biggie do?
I’m all about doin whatever they didn’t get to do
So I made this a special delivery, hope it gets to you
Love for loyal fans, you either with me or you with me
If I’m preachin to the choir, I hope you all forgive me
I’m in the kitchen, that’s the stu, it’s the dopest s*** I’m whippin
It’s about to get bloody like ebola victim symptoms
Slow it down, I’m so conceited
Winning battle rounds, your favorite acts conseited
I rap with anger, yes I’m supposed to be mad
Coz y’all been testin ma patience like a hospital lab


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