DOWNLOAD: Panda (Freestyle) – Benezeri

Benezeri rises to Big Tril‘s challenge to deliver a Panda Freestyle. Check out the lyrics below.



I run KLA. Like Frank Tumwebaze.
These other rappers are sweeter than Henessy.
UGHIPHOP experiencing a renaissance
Courtesy  of Benezeri. The Genesis.
No nemeses left. I’ve demolished this.
Even MLK got tired of diplomacy.
Views from the top I call it trigonometry.
Common knowledge. nzasinga. wakana  ki.
No amount of technology
Will figure out this result of biology.
23 .bustling with energy.
Spartan mythology. The only fitting analogy.
I’m a former teenage prodigy.
controller. mainstream music economy.
Rappers now wanna be protégé. Under  me.
Hip hop awards and the rest need to honor me.
Why do you think I’m afraid of you (lwaki).
Only rapper I respect is Rruu. (Rruu)
Kyebeyi kya beyi  true.
Even my only ex is nyaru.
They asking bout Clansmen
I disbanded the Clansmen
Okay I deserted the Clansmen
Just felt they wouldn’t add much to The  Clans.
Some are still boiling with anger
But for beef contact MP  Muhanga.
Respond and you’ll become famous kubanga.
I’m the hottest right now. I’m kabanga.
I got broads ku katanda.
Katebe. Dining and Veranda
Clinging to me like Masanda
Like let no man lay asunder.
I soften the dough then I Kanda.
Benezeri of  Uganda.
Subject of rumor mongers propaganda
Any recorded challenge is a blunder.

DOWNLOAD: Panda (Freestyle) – Benezeri

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