DOWNLOAD: Simba Ensigo – Sylvester Kabombo

Sylvester is one of the most influential rappers we have in Uganda and with every project he gets involved in be it musical or non-musical has always added a building brick on to the Ugandan hip-hop industry. His latest release is exactly about one being the change they want to see in society and how they can be that change. The track is layered with multiple metaphors on top of Sylvester’s incredible rhyming pattern.
“The song talks about being architects of change we want to see in our lives and society by being supportive of each other and empowering the next generation.” Sylvester describes the song.  “We can’t affect change in the world around us if we don’t start with our own backyard. We can’t wish for a clean city if we don’t clean our homes and work places. It all starts with us. At which ever level of life you’re on, I believe that you can make a difference. Let’s sow seeds of hope, change, skills and knowledge in our people.” he added.

This song is produced by Politiks at Six Feet Deep Studios, Stuttgart, Germany and vocals recorded by Skinnie at Infinit3 Records, Uganda. This is Sylvester’s debut release of 2017 and he already has more lined up. We will be keeping you up to date but for now Simba Ensingo. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Simba Ensigo – Sylvester Kabombo

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