DOWNLOAD: TGIF (Remix) – Tucker HD

DOWNLOAD: TGIF (Remix) – Tucker HD


All for the love of the shills, ain’t it?
Better believe til I got it, no chills ain’t it?
Tighten up weak ends, love when the week ends
Play some, Usher & The Weeknd, to usher in the weekend
Kiggwa olwaleero
Buli kyonywa, kiggya olwaleero
Saba buli koyoya, tijja olwaleero
Mpise mu bank, nzijeeyo eziwerako ensawo nezibijja olwaleero
Party like there’s no tomorrows, get it?
So yesterday, we Team No To Morals get it?
Finish that, HD dude, that G rude, lil homie sarcastic
Lit a blunt, took a puff then like Ozil I passed it
Nothing but me & my Day, 1’s
Mention the time & the place we could meet up & play
Hit up the bars every night I can free up my day
Highgrade to me dawg you see, Ima be on that A1

Flip the bottle-tops & up go the bottoms
Concoct solutions to dissolve our problems
No matter what goes down, I got my woes around me
Was slept on, this a dose for those that doubted
Had it up to here with the fakes, boy
Stay in your lane, my foot on the gas I ain’t swerving or hitting the brakes boy
Know that when you’re on the rise then there’s no compromising, the win is at stake boy
A few rappers I know mukwano, but make no mistake Ima give them the shakes boy
For a short while, I was going off-track on them lonely roads
Back with the moves, you can’t even fit in my shoes, don’t you step on a homie’s toes
Firing shot after shot after shot like it’s a open bar with my homies close
Feeling no pressure & if she want extra, I bless her, yeah she catch the Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost
On my wave, now I’m beaming, way up higher than the ceiling
Prayed about it, had to wait it out & yeah I made it, right I’m undefeated
Hasty round me, get to business, there’s no time to waste around me, stop the teasing
When she back it up like I need it, I tell her Ma, take it easy.

DOWNLOAD: TGIF (Remix) – Tucker HD

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