DOWNLOAD: The Journey – Simon Elly ft. Ruyonga

Its been a minute since we heard something from the lyrical therapist Ruyonga, however the award winning producer Simon Elly is here to break Ruyonga’s musical silence with a single coming off his upcoming album “Exodus”. “The Journey” is a classic in the making where one of the builders of the UG Hip-Hop looks back on the journey and some of his top moments in the industry while referencing the youngins in the game. The track has Ruyonga being sincere and bringing out the little kid spitting rhymes in Lyrical G’s basement. He talks about how the Klear Kut Kapos  told him life is entertainment (“This Life Is Really What You Make It, Tom & Danny taught me life is really an entertainment/”). He goes  further to talk about how they mismanaged the changes that came with the success of JT & Yego Productions one of the production power houses UG Hip-Hop has ever had. On the other hand he compares Simon Elly’s production skills to Koz ‘N’ Effekt. To us this track feels like Ruyonga’s message to the UG Hip-Hop community; a message to the people he started with, a message to his fans that he may have lost along  journey that are deeply rooted  in hip-hop, those fans that got to know him cause of tracks like “Tuttuse.”  A message meant to bring about reconciliation between Ruyonga and the hip-hop industry as the rapper gravitates to the Prophet Mbonye Ministries spiritually which some of his hip-hop fans have spoken out against. However, this shouldn’t take away from Simon Elly’s album “Exodus” which we look forward to.  Download/Stream, let us know what you think of Ruyonga’s Journey that he details on this track below in the comments section.



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