DOWNLOAD: Who killed hip-hop?- Enygma ft. Mulekwa


By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Many artists have addressed the decline in culture and artistry of hip-hop on a global scale like Nas’ “hip-hop is dead” but back here home the masked man Enygma and Mulekwa go in detail over a Koz ‘N Effekt beat about how we are all responsible for the death of Ugandan hip-hop.Mulekwa opens the song with a verse that takes you down to memory lane of the major releases of Ugandan hip-hop tracks and he also touches on subject of “culture vultures”.On the other hand Enygma approaches his verse with wordplay detailing the failure of each stakeholder in the Industry, from the media, fans that aren’t willing to spend shillings on Ugandan hip-hop and the producers who are unprofessional when it comes to their job?

Much as I agree with a number of topics raised in the song at the same time I disagree with some of them. Mulekwa talks about how hip-hop concerts have “Kidandali” artists but has it occurred to us that may be the artist who has organized the concert wants to turn “Kidandali” fans on to hip-hop by inviting “Kidandali” artists to the concert?  I always tell people who come out to discuss how UG hip-hop isn’t alive and all that kind of discussion that before you go on to say it’s a dead genre let’s appreciate what hip-hop has accomplished over the years. Let’s shade more light on those achievements and seek a way to gain more wins. Yeah sure, the media may not have a rapper as the person on the cover story for selling a given amount of CDs or being covered by CNN  but let us we, who are in the UG hip-hop circles embrace or celebrate the wins like the way The-Mith puts it a few times.I guess also highlighting the faults we’ve within the Industry is also a way of celebrating its existence and asking the stakeholders to keep it authentic.

Download Who killed hip-hop?- Enygma ft. Mulekwa

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