DOWNLOAD: Winners Freestyle – Tucker HD

Teeka amaaso ku lutimbe, AirporTaxi mu kizimbe
Your dreamgirls ain’t nothing else but some side chicks that never been bae
Fam only, pull a homie card, for the fake friends I got no regard
Sandals off when you’re approaching God
What I started off is what I came to finish. Who made you winners? Played you innit?
When I tend to business, I end beginners
That dumb talk’s Pig-Latin to me, keep it 1 Hunid like it’s Magic to me
No silver spoon, since Greenhill I’ve been that Kibuli
Back on the scene, still a king, rap Zinedine
In a taxi, going after my dreams, the back of a black limousine
Small circle I would give the world to & they ain’t gotta ask, it’s routine
Ain’t afraid to get dirty, long as what I cash in is clean.

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