EXCLUSIVE: Have Your Callers Vibe Out To UG Hip-Hop MTN CallerTunez.

To download a callertune SMS TUNE (Space) CODE to 170 e.g. to download Buli Kiro SMS; TUNE 518180 to 170. Each callertune download costs 700/- and is valid for 30 days.

Buli Kiro Play0 1 ft. J Wats 518180
POA Play01 518181
More Than Dear OPU KobokoBoy ft. J.C Muyonjo 518182
Teri Kuzikiza Recho Rey 518183
Guma Bakunyige Recho Rey 518184
Zagwa Amani Amaniga 518185
Always Josh SB ft. Kamanzi And Ruyonga 518186
Joy Baru ft. Sitenda 518187
Covered Baru ft. Ivory Namara 518188
Proud J-Wats 518189
Holla J-Wats 518190
Man of The year J-Wats 518191
Nkuba JK Lubanto 518192
Firimu JK Lubanto 518193
Bibala JK Lubanto 518194
Kwonka JK Lubanto 518195
First Impression Sonny Soweez ft. Levixone 518196
Possibility (Kyili Possible) Sonny Soweez 518197
To The Top Sonny Soweez ft. St Nellysade 518198
Love Sonny Soweez ft. Essie 518199
Karamu Amani Amaniga 518200
Dashboard Lagum 518201
Maintain Lagum ft. Hanny 518202
YYY Lagum 518203
The Cold Lagum 518204
The Storm Lagum Feat Ivory Namara And P.R.I.M.E 518205


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