Has Nellysade offered himself UGX. 5M?

We all as hip-hop listeners love a good hip-hop beef especially when its lyrical and when talented individuals are involved. Its not like we root for disunity but it injects a level of excitement in the culture.  Yesterday, UG Hip-hop woke up to Mulekwa‘s ‘Abaana Bano’ which reeks of all evidence as a diss track to St. Nellysade.  St. Nellysade later during the day tweeted, ‘Spread love, not hatred.’ which was probably right after listening to the track but today morning fans are definitely in for some more drama as he just posted screenshots of an anonymous account offering him UGX.5 millions to record a reply diss track to Mulekwa’s.



St. Nellysade posted the screenshots along with the caption, ‘Katandika butandisi’ which loosely translates to ‘It’s just getting started’. In just a few seconds of reading the message exchanged in screenshots we started drawing conclusions of how this may be a plot from mostly underground Mulekwa and his team to launch into the mainstream using the beef. However, the person who blurred out the names in the screenshots didn’t do a great job. We easily put the name of the account together which is ‘Mimsha Marie’ and so we scrolled through the account to try figuring out who is offering UGX. 5M? Who is this person that has added a cash incentive to this beef and what do they stand to gain?



As we scrolled through the account we found that the account has been sharing St. Nellysade content from all the way back to as far as 2013 and nothing by Mulekwa. All this shared content was in support of Nellysade and nothing at all about Mulekwa’s works. This left us wondering what’s the motive behind all this? Someone doesn’t just go from being a “Proud to be Nelly’s fan” to offering UGX 5M in this hard biting economy intead in favor of Mulekwa. Did the the person running this account switch sides after listening to Mulekwa‘s diss song or could the exchange of the messages talking about UGX. 5M have been staged by St. Nellysade and his team? We found ourselves leaning more to the latter. Its clear though, this account shows nothing but support to Nellysade, so something isn’t right about the UGX. 5M offer. But look at the screenshots and be the judge. We might as well just grab some popcorn as ask ourselves who is running the account? Is it someone from Mulekwa’s camp or someone from St.Nellysade’s camp?

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