EXCLUSIVE: How To Take Part In The MTN Pulse Rap Battles.

MTN Uganda has launched the Pulse MTN Rap Battle (MPRB), a three months rap competition that will also act as a lead up to the MTN UG Hip Hop awards in February 2020.

The telecom giant has sponsored the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards for the last 3 years. The MTN Pulse Rap Battles, however, offer the rap community a sustained opportunity to express their talent and are a fitting lead up to the awards. The MTN Pulse Rap battles will provide a minimum of 6 months engagement inclusive of a countrywide talent search, production and online/TV broadcast of the competition. The 12-episode televised show will be set in a battle format in various settings like cages, streets, etc. in the presence of 3 renown judges, a super hyped host and the participation of the general public especially through digital.

Commenting about the project, Hellen Kirungi, the MTN Uganda Youth segment manager said, “Pulse has been mainly positioned as a lifestyle proposition. The MPRB however, explore how the youth can use the platform as a potential future source of livelihood while continuing to enjoy the hip lifestyle that comes with it”. 

It’s worth noting that Uganda’s Hip Hop industry has grown from being only popular in High School and as Karaoke acts, to become the most loved music genre today especially with the advent of Lugaflow, the vernacular version of Hip Hop that accounts for almost 90% of urban music played today.

The epic rap competition will see contestants face off in the following competition categories:

Pass on the Mic: A beat is dropped in a cypher set up and each rapper is supposed to freestyle without losing the beat and passes on the mic after the given time period

Can U Handle the heat: Contestants are subjected to physical activity while rapping out

Speed TEST: Contestants are rewarded for speed and articulation

Spoken word: Contestants are challenged to write and perform the spoken word

Street Concert: The challenge is set on a busy street with the objective of attracting the biggest crowds through rap

#NOFEAR challenge: Contestants are expected to rap despite any barriers meant to instill fear and disrupt their lyrical flow.

The MTN UG Hip Hop awards night will see 16 of the competitors walk away with various prizes. The grand prize for the overall winner will be a mentor-ship and recording deal in addition to cash, MTN Data and Voice minutes.  Furthermore, the winner will be an MTN Pulse ambassador for a year and his/her music will be uploaded on to Tidal, a top music streaming app that is available to MTN customers and is owned by renowned American rapper, Jay-Z. This potentially means, that the winner can, with time start earning income from the revenue earned by artistes whose work features on the app.

Aspiring rappers can take part in the MTN Pulse Rap Battles by registering and submitting a 30-60 second video at 


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  1. guys give some of us a watsapp namba maybe cuz its hard to submit a video on your website… I think it’s quicker with watsapp… Thnx

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