Kambajulire, It’s More Than A Mixtape.

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Pryce Teeba is one of the “new skool” rappers who’ve made a mark on the UG hip-hop industry this year. I got to know about Pryce’s works late 2014 when I was working on the 2014 Top New Skool Rappers article. As 2015 started with Baru’s Redefinitions I was given his debut mixtape “Kiwede” which made me more familiar with his work and  Pryce as a rapper. In the process, it made me more eager to listen to the projects he was to release this year. As you listen to Pryce’s Kiwede tape and compare it to the projects he has released this year you realize there’s a huge difference and growth he has made as a rapper. Early last week I made a trip to Dustville studios and one thing you notice as you enter is that all hands are on deck. From Pryce, Aggrey, Baru to Micheal everyone is putting in work to make sure the mixtape is packaged and released on time.

As I settled in they played for me the mixtape track by track as I asked questions and they gladly answered them. As you listen to the tape you notice that they have taken a different approach to everything to achieve something what is not out in the market. The sound is totally different from what we have on our playlists especially for a lugaflow rapper and as I made those comments Micheal looks across and says”that’s what we were trying to achieve”. In away personally, I feel like Baru has cultivated a sound for Dustville artists and it’s something he has gradually developed. Even when you go way back and listen to tracks like Talk Around Here by Patrobas, his Redefinitions and recently Side Zeno. Each song is totally different from the previous song you’ve listened to but still holds the concept of “Kambajulire”. The title of the mixtape loosely translates to “Let me serve you” and when I ask him how the name came about, Pryce says “I feel like UG hip-hop industry needs a change, our diet of music has been the same. I think it’s my time to serve my people a different diet. That’s how I came up with ‘KAMBAJULIRE’ “

As you dive deep into the mixtape you hear the different guest features which in a way makes this mixtape different from the his debut mixtape kiwede. Features on kiwede weren’t that many and they weren’t big name features like Ruyonga, Don Mc, Abaasa, Big Tril. At the same time he strikes a balance in his features between established rappers and those who are settling into the game setting up their brands/names in the rap industry. Pryce says he likes working with people who have a clue and know about his work.
I feel like Pryce is filling up a space where we haven’t had a lugaflow rapper who is making music for the people to have fun and vibe to in a club but then flip it at the same time and talk about issues in the society on tracks like ‘Mubajjune” off kiwedde. Yeah sure we have people like the storyteller St. Nellysade, Mun*G but the approach is different and everyone brings something different to the table. “I think KAMBAJULIRE describes the maturity in everything wordplay, delivery, confidence and the beats. It’s more of club than Kiwedde” Pryce describes “Kambajulire”.

 To people like Baru, the tape is sounds more mature content wise, production wise and the way its put together as a whole. “The whole sound is more appealing. It represents both growth and skill.Hopefully it will change the game.” Baru’s view on Kambajulire. Speaking of changing the you’ve tracks like “Njabala” where Pryce samples one of those folk songs they used to tell in stories. With a proper push that’s a song that an break boundaries not only for Pryce but UG hip-hop in general. A song that may have rotation on radios like CBS or simba FM and in the process more people from the “kidandali” can pay attention to hip-hop. The tape comes out on 23rd December at kay Club Centenary Park, entrance will be free and he tape will cost 10k make sure you get it.

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