Legend or myth, Babaluku exposed?

Who “created” LugaFlow? Who was the originator of Lugaflow? Who do we credit for the birth of Lugaflow?

Well, according to Dlux Ibraw a.k.a. Young Vibez, it is not the Bavubuka All Stars Founder, Babaluku.

In an interview with a yet to be released documentary ‘What’s What?’. Dlux blatantly calls out Babaluku for the intent to mislead the culture into believing he had anything to do with the genesis of Lugaflow. This has been a debate over the years with several veterans of the game refuting Babaluku’s claim of being the godfather of Lugaflow. He has been accused of brainwash and manipulation of history to support his questionably mythical legendary status.

Babaluku is a good emcee who appeared on Uganda’s rap scene in the early 2000’s from Canada and found the likes of Sylvester & Abramz already rapping, he has championed rapping in mother tongues (some times despising and calling English rappers fake) despite the fact that many of his former disciples have left his camp citing fakery and exploitation, email evidence and open letters by the people who were closest to him keep cropping up all over social media and they point to his projects being devious schemes to hoodwink foreign donors.

But more importantly, who should be credited for birthing an important part of our culture?

Abramz, one half of Sylvester & Abramz who have been rapping since the early 90’s, once released a track titled ‘Twakugudemu‘ that Ugandan Hip-Hop industry insiders claim provides a few more answers to the mystery surrounding this issue.

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Listen/Download to Twakugudemu here.


Watch the ‘What’s What?‘ sneak peek here.


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