Navio Drops New Album.


By Cleo Murungi (@Cleo_theSphynx)

12th December 2015,  was another milestone in hip-hop and Ugandan music in general. Klear Kut’s Navio, officially dropped his fourth album , ” The Chosen” at a release party at Panamera. The album was produced within two weeks by Samurae at Talent Africa studio, and mastered at Audio Central by Dawoo. Navio says the album is a snapshot recording. “It is a clean image of my thoughts right now. As my next album will be all conscious music, I decided to make this an unapologetic snapshot into my feeling right now. It’s the raw Navio of old.”

Rapper/Bboy Abramz and Deejay Kas Baby steered the event nicely which was kicked off by the famous “Ngalo” performance and followed by, “To the Top” off the new album, as the concept was to give us “Something Old and Something New” in that sequence. Which was brilliant because, it gave the crowd something familiar to enjoy and something new to make them look forward to listening to the album.


“This album release was a different experience for me,” Navio reflected. “We are used to trying to get masses through the door, but we tried something different. It was a relaxed event where I got to interact with the fans and friends about the album. Whether it was one of my fans, friends, special guests or news reporters, I got to interact with people one-on-one. That’s what made the event a success. I could perform brand new songs, then share insight on them immediately – a great luxury.”

Navio also performed with featuring artists on the new album, Ruyonga, Keko and The Mith. Other notable people that attended the event were, Enygma, Aethan,Ninja C, Sphynx Tucker,Alan Kasujja of the BBC, Samurae, and Dawoo, who worked on the album.
The night was not only that, but Navio announced his endorsement with MTN where a  lucky winner will be given a KIA 4×4, by Rapper Navio on the 18th of this month. All you have to do is buy he Avvio Phone to enter the raffle.

To purchase Navio’s new album, “The Chosen”, go to

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