Ndakwikndira – McKenzie, Mith, Lilian, Kahiri & Ruyonga [Download + Lyrics]

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Yeah x2
Its that RBM
The Mith- Lillian -Kahiri – Samurae

Chorus: Lillian
Ndakwikundiira x 4
I love your ways x2

1st Verse (The Mith)
My name is the mith
Let me be honest
Yo the one that’s taking all this
My present my future i promise
To honor whatever we call this
I know what we call this
We calling this life
We might get it wrong but we here to do it right
No taking advise
We know we can go thru it all day and all night
And when it is night
You know are my perfect type
make babies with your perfect eyes
You got all ma focus on high
All My focus no lie …walai
And I know i scored today
Stay loyal in all my ways
Got no games to play
so i say what you say
I love you and your ways

Chorus x 2 (Lillian )

Bridge: Lillian

Mbese nkoriki?
Kukwereka ko ngukunda
…and how I wanna be with you
everyday of my life


Nokuheire ki
(Mukundwa wangye)
Tiheine ekikamara
(Iwe mukundwa wangye)
I wanna be that man who.cares for you for the rest of your life,
for the rest of your life
amagara goona

2nd Verse: (Ruyonga)

Now I would be the saddest boy
If you were not my girl
You’re summn like an asteroid
You rock my world
You’re my very own cowgirl
Yo my Shooting star
Fam always did want an OUT LAW
For the cute in law
Am just playing
But that said
Am just saying
you a fashion killer
You stay slayying
Treat the runway like it’s gun play
Its not a game on any given sunday
You take them all the church
My Looooordd Amennn
If there’s levels to this thing you Run it
From top floooor to basement,
Layer cake
You make even the dead stay awake
Make them all team no sleep
Even If they went and tried counting more sheep than Miss lil Bo Peep,
Whatchu were born with, rihanna and minaj had to pay for it,
Kella even had to go get Joe and Lillian to put some shee on the chorus

Chorus x 2

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