Nyege Nyege ’16 : Respect The Urge.

By Timothy CODE (@TimothyCODE)

Nyege Nyege is a 3 day music festival that requires you to “Respect The Urge”. The urge to dance. The urge to let loose and to be fully consumed by the vibrations and let oneself go. For 3 whole days starting Friday, the idea was genius from the start and this being the second installment of the festival, it was bound to get better. The journey to Jinja where the festival was being held was long but with the right company, the experience is worth your while plus the fact that this event attracts the music lovers (and performers) from Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Congo and many more to the source of the Nile only makes the event one for the books.

The final left turn off the main road towards Nile Discovery Beach felt like the party was about to start but it took a while meandering through Jinja’s dusty roads to get to the festival, you were quickly welcomed by the various corporate sponsor teardrops to your left and to your right. A sign that the turn up inside was well catered for.

Once you got past the checkpoints and welcome table. The. Night. Begins. An assortment of smoke, sounds and chatter fill the air with three distinct genres playing all at the same time in a form of tribal earth mashup, on the main stage was a band setting up for the next performance of Afro-Reggae and on the other stage, a House/Electronic DJ playing in between performances and in between the two stages was a Baganda gathering of Bakisimba dancers teaching local folk music to the guests. The festival was built to sustain the partying all the way from Friday till Sunday with 24 hour food service, “Magic Juice” everywhere and great music to keep the revellers moving. Enter HIP-HOP . This year, fast rising duo Young Cardamom & Hab of the ‘Kanda (Chap Chap)’ banger represented UG with their out of the box performance and then on Sunday Morning, MC Yalha put up a performance to wrap up the event. DJ Crisio was also present and heavy with the Hip Hop hits and it showed in the crowd, the Cosmic Homies from Kenya had dope Hip-Hop Influences from their set, maybe because one quarter of the crew is Taio Tripper, the wordsmith from Camp Mulla.

The unspoken truth about Nyege Nyege is that all you needed for this event is stamina to go for three days of nonstop music and festivity because by Sunday, just when you thought people had lost all the strength in their feet, they were back on their feet getting lost in the music.

In a nutshell, would I go back ? Yep, Nyege Nyege allows you to lose whatever social restrictions placed on yourself and sucks you into a world of MUSIC, CULTURE, DANCE and that is all you ever need, really.


Pictorial by Sam Duke Mulwa











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