Sliq Teq Opens Fire On Pryce Teeba -Glory ( The Diss Track)

By Cleo K Murungi (@Cleo_TheSphynx)

Glory Glory! to the rappers who keep us entertained. Latest on the playlist is Sliq Teq.  He is not new to the game, even though has been flying under your radar till now. Sliq Teq is one multi talented artiste. He makes insane beats and is special with his pen too.  He is…Scratch That….WAS a part of the industry-popular rap group, Ntinda Movement ( NTM). He is the brains behind their music and artwork. How’s that description for “No Average Joe”?!  Sliq has already dropped projects in the past. Recently he dropped an EP titled, Trap House Memoirs, and is dropping another mixtape in December. The man isn’t taking any breaks, while many are sleeping on the job. Now, “Kaakati”, Sliq is going through a bit of conflict with his crew, headed by Pryce Teeba.
I know what you’re thinking… YES!Absolutely!  THIS IS A DISS TRACK! There is BEEF!

Aside from being a diss track, this is a really dope song. With contributions from Simon Elly, Lawraid Vybz, KSL and of course the Man the hour, Sliq Teq. Glory entails Sliq’s frustration and disappointments being a part of a group and family that disrespected and overlooked him despite his efforts to prioritize them and their careers over his own. He has come to a realization that he deserves more than what he is given or not given.  Now the question is, Will Pryce Teeba respond to this track?
Usually when Pryce is challenged by another rapper he brushes it off by implying that the rapper doesn’t have as much music or hits as he does – basically belittling them. The difference here is Sliq was his boy, his brother, he made him beats. If you ask me, “sibling rivalry” must always be addressed. Also, I’m just over here rubbing my hands in anticipation over this whole feud.

DOWNLOAD: Glory – Sliq Teq ft. K.S.L

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