STREAM: Love The Trap [EP] – H.A.B.O

Its 14th February, as you celebrate valentine’s day Habo is here to tell you why you should Love the Trap while at the same time he expresses his love for the trap through the bars. For those who aren’t familiar with the name Habo he’s one of the members of the NTM crew who have popularized the trap sound in UG hip-hop and further more made it Ugandan by calling it “Omuttego”. The NTM crew has given us projects but every time one of the individuals from the crew drops something we’re eager to hear what he has to say cause through individual projects we get to see their strength and what each member brings on to the table on the crew projects. Love the Trap is much different from what we’ve been getting from the NTM in terms of content and production however we get to seeĀ  Habo flex on the tracks as he name drops various UG locations and adds a runyakole flavor to some tracks. We also get to see features from fellow NTM members like Pryce. Mickey Solo and Kayce House. Enjoy!


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