Sylvester Kabombo – Volume

Time and again we get new slang and sayings from our local languages   that sweep the streets of pop culture in Uganda such as “Nalo, Na bidii, twebereremu” among others. The latest taking over the streets is “Volume nyogere oba awo wamala?”. It’s used when someone is asking if they are making themselves clear or should they explain themselves more. Our artists always want to ride this wave of pop culture however, their product never lives to see another day cause they’re creating the music for that trending moment when the saying is popular and as we know trends change. However, Sylvester seems to have cracked it on this one. The chorus taps into the popular volume saying while his bars carry message and content that will see the track enjoy longevity even when the saying dies out. I guess this comes with his experience in the game and understanding what his audience needs to listen to in relation to what’s current. Furthermore his cadency and delivery is different from what we normally get from him, he’s assertive with the message and aggressive with the beat. The Eric ‘Onasis’ Omondi produced track joins a catalog of tracks like Akaseera by Sylvester & Ssavoo, Weyise Bulungi by Sylvester feat Lady Slyke and Olabika Tommanyi by Abramz that he has also produced.


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