Dear Ugandan Hip-Hop Purists.

August 13, 2016 1

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix) Last week Navio released “Embukuuli” and it got mixed reviews from the fans. The hip-hop heads were disappointed, even one of the Rap TV shows regarded to it as a “discouragement”. ……. read more


DOWNLOAD: Embukuuli – Navio

August 8, 2016 1

Navcorp boss Navio is definitely having a great year with the Njogereza Concert slated for September 9th, the Klear Kut rapper releases another banger Embukuuli with the tagline ‘Discipline Must Be Observed’, we are yet ……. read more


DOWNLOAD: Njogereza – Navio

March 12, 2016 3

Navio is an artist who is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to UG hip-hop and the industry all together. On this track, he steps out of the hip-hop character that we’re used to ……. read more