Mr. Lean x Byg Ben – Vvamuno

October 16, 2019 0

Mr. Lean (formerly known as Young Lean) has been one of the most hardworking rappers in the UG Hip-Hop industry. With him being out of the country it has posed challenges on his side but ……. read more


Pryce Teeba – Kindazi

October 1, 2019 0

Every time Pryce Teeba goes silent, he is cooking on something, the latest being “Kindazi”. The song taps into the everyday life and saying where we say “atayiina seente tafumita kindaazi” to mean if you ……. read more


Sylvester Kabombo – Volume

August 19, 2019 0

Time and again we get new slang and sayings from our local languages   that sweep the streets of pop culture in Uganda such as “Nalo, Na bidii, twebereremu” among others. The latest taking over the ……. read more

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