DOWNLOAD: GodSon – Wake

September 27, 2017 0

GodSon is a Wake‘s latest single release and was produced by Papa Stein, Wake says,‘ For this song, I derive inspiration from 1 John 4:17. We are children of the Most High and therefore bare ……. read more


DOWNLOAD: Abantu B’eira – Wake

February 3, 2017 0

 ‘Abantu B’eira’ announces the rich versatility UG hip-hop artists exhibit across the beat, Potter’s Clay rapper and poet Wake effortlessly raps in english and ‘lugwere’ over a background of traditional beats where Hakim Kiwanuka plays ……. read more


DOWNLOAD: Tinsobola – Wake

May 31, 2016 3

By Mubanza Haggai (@mubanza) Mugoda Good Gordons aka Wake, is a Christian Spoken word artist, Rapper as well as a Percussionist under the crew called Potter’s Clay. Wake is also part of Ruyonga‘s Hidden Empire ……. read more