EXCLUSIVE: The Third Edition of the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards has been Announced.

Kampala – The third edition of the MTN Hip Hop Awards has been announced, revealing the list of nominees and an awards gala date set. The awards are set out to celebrate the best hip hop music released in 2018 and are organized by The Tribe UG. According to The Tribe UG, the aim is to recognise the hip hop musicians that made 2018 a good year for the industry.

“We delighted to be back for the third edition of the hip hop awards. 2018 was a competitive year as we saw some household names go all out in the industry. Additionally, we saw some fresh and underground talent come up to express themselves with some good vibes,” explains Felix Byaruhanga, the PR and Marketing Manager at The Tribe UG.

The announcement was made via video link on MTN Uganda’s official Facebook page.

There are 20 categories in the 3rd edition of the Awards, including ‘Song of the year’, ‘Album of the year’ and ‘Video of the year’ among others.According to Byaruhanga, there is an opportunity for the public to vote for the best by send a message to 7197. Each musician has been given a code and for voting to take place, they’ll have to dial “UGHHA<space> Artist Code to 7197.”

In partnership with MTN Pulse, the awards ceremony will be held on 8th February 2018 at the MTN TIDAL Warehouse located at the MTN Headquarters on Jinja Road. Tickets to attend the awards ceremony are Shs20,000 ordinary and Shs50,000 for VIP.

“MTN Uganda is once again delighted to be part of the hip hop awards as we appreciate what 2018 was like for this music genre. On top of sponsoring the awards, we are encouraging the public to participate in the fun MTN Cypher competition, an opportunity for them to showcase their rap skills; to win the top prize at stake: UShs1,000,000,” says Hellen Kirungi, the Youth Segment Manager, MTN Uganda.

To participate in the MTN Cypher, one is required to download the MTN Cypher pre-recorded instrumental available on the MTN social media platforms. They then record a 1-minute video on the track mentioning MTN Pulse. Participants will then share the video with friends with the hashtag #MTNCypher on social media (Facebook and Twitter – tagging @mtnug) to attract likes/retweets.

MTN Uganda shall be rewarding the person with the most likes/retweets with UGX 1,000,000. The 1st runner-up wins UGX 500,000 and 2nd runner-up UGX 250,000.


Male Rapper of The Year

  • Mun*G
  • Fik Fameica
  • Fefe Bussi
  • JK Lubanto
  • Jim Nola MC
Producer of the year

  • Mio Made
  • Dagg Mizzo
  • Baru
  • Nase Avatar
  • Yung Jey Basalesale
Female Rapper of the Year

  • MC Yallah
  • Recho Rey
  • Tushi Polo
  • Fasie
  • Race T
Collaboration of the Year

  • Paper – Navio, Ice Prince, The Mith
  • Red Cypher – Josh SB, Ginsu, Ruyonga, Barna, Wake & DJ Stef
  • Holla Remix – J-Wats, Pryce Teeba, Flex D’Paper, DelBoy, Play01, Byg Ben
  • Emisana N’Ekiro – Blixxack & Tucker HD
  • Gangasta – DJ Crim, T-Bro & Lyrical G
Album of the Year

  • OMUNGi Attibwa – Mun*G
  • On My Own – J-Wats
  • African Reality – AJO
  • Affropucino – Blixxack
  • Labongo & Gipir – Judas Rap Knowledge
Inspirational song of the year

  • Believe – Emmix
  • Brokeness – Jesse10s
  • Ngenze – Bawanguzi Of Souls
  • Press On – Barna
  • Life is Beautiful – Lyrical Mycheal & Anthony Faulkner
Song of the Year

  • Yenze Aliko – Flex D’Paper
  • Terikuzikiza – Recho Rey
  • Iddi Aimin Dada – Fefe Bussi
  • Firimu – JK Lubanto
  • Lubanto Wubila Hater – KSL
Video of the year

  • Paper – Navio, Ice Prince & The Mith
  • Firimu – JK Lubanto
  • Sconto – Fik Fameica
  • Terikuzikiza – Recho Rey
  • Iddi Amin Dada – Fefe Bussi
Lyricist of the year 

  • AJO – Transcend
  • St. Nellysade – Rap Up 2017
  • Blixxack – The Proem
  • Recho Rey – Terikuzikiza
  • Tushi Polo – Ke’Kaseera
Media Personality of the Year

  • The Mith & J Crim – Double Trouble (Urban TV)
  • Toobi S.M.O.L.Z – Radio King 90.2FM
  • Byg Kahuna – Hot 100
  • Meester Deejay & Slaughter Elly – SNMS (Radio City)
  • Calvin Da Entertainer – UBC TV
Rookie of the Year 

  • Mootownoh
  • DelBoy
  • Keinoh
  • Recho Rey
  • Tushi Polo
Rap Fusion of the year 

  • Nielewe – Navio, Vanessa Mdee
  • Tubikole – Fik Fameica & Vinka
  • Karamu – Amani Amaniga
  • Habiba – St. Nellysade & AB Kale
  • Gukubila – Lyrical Mychael
Sweet 16 (verse of the year)

  • Slavery – Suspekt
  • Paper – The Mith
  • Mpambana – MC Yallah
  • The Proem – Blixxack
  • Snapbacks – KSL
Diaspora Act of the Year 

  • Blixxack
  • Jesse 10S
  • L.I
  • Kleo Namiiro
Mixtape of The year 

  • Kingdome Come – Dagg Mizzo
  • Broken Master Piece – A1 Fresh
  • The Intro – Larry
  • Trap House Memoirs – Sliq Teq
  • November Came Late – Ledra & MAFB
Western Rapper of the Year 

  • Amani Amaniga
  • Crazie Wispa
  • T-Bro The King Kiga
  • Sagio Mhza
  •   Xamion’t
Deejay of the Year 

  • Deejay Crim
  • Tha DropOut
  • DJ Slaughter Elly
  • Deejay Lolah
Northern Rapper of The Year 

  • Gbaraspoken Emcee
  • O.P.U KobokoBoy
  • Toobi S.M.O.L.Z
  • Ken Lee
  • Judas Rapknowledge
Central Rapper of the year 

  • JK Lubanto
  • Fefe Bussi
  • Jim Nola MC
  • Gravity Omutujju
  • Recho Rey
Eastern Rapper of the year 

  • Leumas Owabajaja
  • HID 16TH
  • Gibbon MC
  • MamRe Snares

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