Top 20 Downloaded UG Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017.

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

“Top 20 Downloaded UG Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017.”, feels great to say that statement out loud. You really never realize how much material has been released in a given year till you settle down to come up with a list structured around a given year and for that we applaud all the creators (rappers, producers, deejays) that have shared their material with us. We’ve wanted to put out this list for the longest but first we had to get the numbers right and also we pushed it from “Top 10” to “Top 20”. We had a couple of ground rules to help us narrow down the list such as; we considered original music mainly and of course it must have been released in the year 2017. Furthermore the song must have been released via The Tribe UG and it should be primarily rap which meant that for songs like Navio’s “Tumunonye” didn’t make the list even if they surpassed 10,000 download mark. Ladies and gentlemen here are the Top 20 Downloaded UG Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017 in their right order starting with the song with the most number of downloads on The Tribe UG.

  1. Buli Kiro – Play 01 ft. J Watts
  2. Bobi Wine – Pryce Teeba 
  3. Song for Bae – Keko Town 
  4. Down On Me – J-Wats ft. The Mith 
  5. Olwalero – Fasie 
  6. God DNA – Josh SB × Ruyonga 
  7. Nvuga Kampala(rmx) – Pryce ft. Delboy,Flex D’paper, Mickey, Habo & Play01 
  8. Come On Over – The Mith 
  9. Who Am I – Simon Elly, Mal-X, Ruyonga, Sulphuric & Suspekt 
  10. Olabika Tommanyi – Abramz 
  11. Vva Mu Tulo-Aethan ft. Pryce, Sheila Wya, Flex D’Paper, Byg Ben & Atlas 
  12. Ki Ekigenda Mumaso – Brooks Aftermath ft. MMP 
  13. Uhangosasa – Byg Ben ft. Keko 
  14. Always – Josh SB ft. Kamanzi & Ruyonga 
  15. Zagwa – Amani Amanigga 
  16. CopperField – Xage Mode 
  17. Man Of The Year – J-Wats 
  18. Bad Gyal Ting (Wanji) – BigTril 
  19. Abekika – Clansmen 
  20. Ask The Doorman – Baru x DelBoy 

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