#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – Mun G

TheTribe UG
They call me Mun* Papa, king of the cypher/
My 16s kill animals, Eid Adha/
Smell danger, gwe nnyindo za Baganda/
Coz when I come through these rappers mbaleka mu pamper/
I make paper everyday nga kyuuma kya Picfare/
I make rappers bow down ng’abasaala zi swala/
Gwe gwa mu wallet yange mujjudde by’etaano byokka/
Nnunda mazike nga jyooli Uganda Zoo mwenkola/
Billboard rapper, house building n***a/
Artist of the year 4 times my n***a/
Nzijukira obuwala bwa’ndissinganga lwa pimples/
Now all these girls is stuck to my ass, like kapintos./

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