VIDEO: Never Gon’ Change – Lyrical G ft. Judas Rapknowledge

The visuals are finally here with Breezy Beats behind the camera to deliver a gritty hip-hop video. The OG Lyrical G is back with the purest form of lyricism to stimulate your soul and mind with a rhythm. Like Lyrical G says on the track, he has been doing this rap thing for eons and with over 7 albums under his belt, he is one of the rappers that laid foundation for the UG Hip-Hop industry that we have today. With that in mind, you’ll never find him slipping on a track with a wack verse and on this 207 beat he is here to show you how to separate the real spitters from the phonies with every bar he kicks in. Judas Rapknowledge tags along on the tracks as he kicks it both in his mother-tongue and English. The two emcees challenge the content that’s currently out and what is regarded to as “hot” all the way from the hard hitting beat to the bars.

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